Why PTI is losing the narrative on Booming Economy???

Sohail Shuja

Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Point well taken, however...

These are complex issues that cannot be easily answered in a 2 minute sound bite, especially when asked repeatedly by agenda driven anchors who will interrupt you 10 times in those few minutes.

You have to one to one sitting with experts who can explain in simple terms, like Asad Umar, Muzammil Aslam or even Hammad Azher. However, busy bees on the streets don't have the time or interest in understanding the intricacies of this complex issue.

There is no simple and linear relationship between GDP, Inflation and Wage Growth.

In this age of the pandemic, inflation is being witnessed at an unprecedented level across the globe and the poor countries are affected disproportionately due to lack of resources and resilience in economy.

GDP on the other hand has it's own complexities as it could be consumption (Daronomic) or export based. Heavily dependent on agriculture, textile, manufacturing or technology as it will have different impact on different strata of society and proportion of population.
Agreed, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Rest are just numbers, which can be forged, as per the requirements.

The industry is posting profits, economy posting expansion, then if there is a question about Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), they say it has dwindled due to COVID. Aren't they blowing hot and cold in the same breath?

Crux of the story: PTI's Government has become like "Khyber Mail" train. It take two steps forward and then two backwards. Forward, because of some good men in there and backwards because of some renegades of other parties, who were doing corruption over there in the past and now they are here in the PTI doing the same. In the future, you may see them with any other party in power.

Our dilemma is our political system, where you have to gather these "electables" to get into the power and your Government remains a hostage to such "electables".

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