Supreme Court stops judicial inquiry against Justice Qazi Faez Esa and KK Agha

Raja Farooq

Senator (1k+ posts)
i had few hopes from khosa but he iz totally flop he iz killing his time to finish his tenure like other cj did and enjoy 5 star life all cjs r not interested in judicial reforms bcz they r equal partner of criminals no hope for pakistan


Councller (250+ posts)
A very good decision . Let this will be heard by the full court minus the judges of the supreme judicial council


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Pakistanis should again do Bhangra
Dharti Maan Jaisy Ho gii
Aur usmey Kanra Nachey Gaa
These are all by n large Kanra Ch
Reason why his son in law even before producing to Judge bail was given
Then a Dubai Police Officer who arrested said
You Pakistani Paindooooos are real Dallas
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