Shehbaz Sharif & Bilawal Bhutto talks to the media

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ZANKHA AND SADIST PSYCHOPATH TOGETHER AGAIN. WHAT A SHAME, He is the same crazy Psychopath who wanted to drag Khusras Dad Zardari on roads and pait phar ker paisay na nikaley to naam Shahbaz Kuunjar nahi.


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What a view, What a frame...........Joke of the decade...😜
Chusa hua aam Showbaz Sharif , Item Number Hijra Billo Rani Zardari appeared as a Messiah to save Pakistan??

One is a rejected, defeated & dejected TT, hundi / hawala accused Showman, other one is a Twitter & Press conference Warrior (Billo Rani overthrows, kicks out PTI govt every month in twitter & press conference only), Parchi reader, offspring of a Cinema ticket blacker (bambino cinema Karachi) Money launderer Zardari...

New FATAF bill & PM's announcement in Parliament of no compromise on corruption brought them together. Soon will be joined by Diesel & other criminals.
But as usual Kaptaan will have the last laugh.....coz he is way too Smarter than all Criminals combined....So just Chill......😃😁😂
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