Marriyum Aurangzeb mocks PM Imran on statement "to avoid ‘Railu Kattas’ for the big game"

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I just wonder how this woman came in to the politics.
More worrying how she is continuing in the Politics and have reached a key position!!

Something is seriously wrong with Pakistani politics.
By the way, I know her family quite well. Not her but her extended family. Not very ethical people, I leave it to that.

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This ugly BITCHHH is railo katti herself of Mariam Jasim, she knows one thing for sure, i.e to LICK Mariam Safdar/Jasim’s.....(JOOTIAN)
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She is daughter of a low-grade nurse who is become billionaire due to Nawaz Sharif only like other Servants of Nawaz sharif.
She was living in rented home along with her mother and now she owns properties WOrth several Arab in pindi.
The whole family is exactly like this. I know some of the cousins of her mother and her second cousins. People without manners and any ethics and morality.
I think you understand what I mean, I don't want to use bad language. But their mentality is found in people living a particular area known as "Heera Mandi" in Lahore.

crankthskunk - Blogger
As it is proving out, all 11 Pakistani players are proving "Ralu Kattas". They are losing today's match. 1 win 3 losses and one abandoned match. That too they would have lost if gone ahead.


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Dadoo Charger maindki Bill Batori nasaan chori Gith Mithi Boni ko apni kisi kutttay wali kranay kaa shoq hai apni dai Mid Wife maa ki trah yeh bhi swaiey bhonknay ke aur kuchh nai krr sakti

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Iss Daddu Charger wali kuttiyaa ko ab samajh aayi ho gee k khan nain 2 baatain keen

1) Toss Jeet kar batting karna
2) RailuKatton par trust nain karna

Aor dono baatain hi thhathhay ney nain suneen aor haal sab k saanay hai
thhathhay 😅 😅 😅 😅 🤣
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