I've Never Been A Heart Patient: Nawaz Sharif


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Nawaz Sharif underwent a serious heart surgery: Shahbaz/ I've Never Been A Heart Patient: Nawaz Sharif



But what is Shahbaz sharif saying at 1:20 after visiting Nawaz sharif in london???


Very shocked to see how innocently they lie. They ran away during the raymond davis issue and started lying. So sethi was right that Nawaz was doing great in london, although I never liked sethi.
Now zardari looks lesser evil to me as he is atleast an open enemy.
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Ganjay bhagoray.. kaab tak bhagain gay beghairat sana uallah ko aagay kar kay doono khisak lia remond devis kay mamlay per


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So what he was doing in London for two months , specially when country needs him he is always in London...

Better if he permanently stay there with Mush and Altaf...

We dont need this kind of Stupid people...


To one Mr Zawaz Sharif....

Dil cheez kya hai aap Pakistan ki jaan lijiye...

Bas ek baar mera kaha maan lijiye... Pakistan ki jan chor dijiye.

Boss Nawaz Bhai, Like Altaf Hussain cant you chose to stay permanently in UK?


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awwwww what innocence!!! agar isi tarha dil ka mareez bantay hain tou phir hum sab dil k mareez hain
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