I will completely defend PM Imran Khan if Maulana's dharna is scripted - Ansar Abbasi

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عصر حاضر کا سب سے بڑا منافق یہ شخص انصار عباسی ہے۔ دین کا لبادہ اوڑھ کر اس بندے نے جتنی خدمت خاندان شریفاں کی ہے وہ بڑے بڑے لفافہ لینے والے بھی نہیں کر سکے۔


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Who gives a rats ass who you support ? Who listens to you. You guys dnt exist anymore .


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None of a prominent journalist raise the concern about bloody maulana and pmln goons claim that this march of maulana is also for tahafaz e namoos risalat and solidarity with Kashmir,they bloody ask them they both did amendment in tafaz e rasalat law and what they have done for IOK ,people of Pakistan are not stupid specially the new generation ,they know how nawaz ,achakzai and maulana alliance kept engaged Army on both india and afghanistan borders and they also invited bloody killer of Kashmiri modi and doval in Pakistan.
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