I fear PM Imran may begin teaching in madrassah in order to counter us - Fazal ur Rehman


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Imran cannot eat so much halwa and drink 'lassi' worth 44 lakh rupees.Do not worry fazlu diesel your place is in the toilets of madrassahs.


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Fazulo fuzla.. This crap is nothing...Just block his news in the medias..The traitor medias who giving him medias coverage.. Nawaz and Billo Rani don't have street power...and Diesel Molvi only have Madarsas students...No need to worry..


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This munafiq is an anti-Pakistan traitor.There is no doubt PPP,PMLN and foreign powers are using him to fullfil their agendas.He represents no body,he was rejected by the people in elections so has no right to speak on behalf of Pakistani people. He knows he will be kept out of parliamnet for next four years which means no free halva for him.This has made him angry because has been used to free halva and free lassi for the last fourteen years.


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Azadee march? Excuse me you rat bastard RAW funded harami ANCHORS..

Time to expose these criminal Anchor clan of traitors.


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Its a good strategy by IK. First he kicked you out of parliament and now he will kick you out madrassas. Well done...IK


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ہر وہ حرام زدہ گشتی کا نطفہ حرام کی سٹ جو پاکستان کے خلاف بھونکتا رہا جو قائد ا عظم کے خلاف بھونکتا رہا جن گشتی کے نطفوں نے پاکستان کی تشکیل کو گناہ بھونکا پاکستان بننے کے بعد وہی حرام کے غلیظ نطفے پاکستان کو گناہ بھونکنے والے گشتی کے بچے پاکستان کے مامے اور ٹھیکیدار بن گئے مگر حرام کے غلیظ اور ناپاک نطفے ہونے کی وجہ سے سے پاکستان کے خلاف سازشوں سے باز نہیں آئے


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Diesel's fear is that he will be alone in the end. This so called march will be end of this Shaitaan
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