DG Fia should be sacked for handcuffing DR Shahid specially when PM told them.

Imran the legend

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which law says respect the person? If the fia is doing their job let them.
You refuse to listen I keep telling you they not doing there job properly. Image you got arrested and you was well respected person and police and Fia took you around the town with hand cuffs on both hands like big gangsters and dakus. Then we saying that is wrong don’t do that give him proper justice.
Big criminals like Nawaz sharif and Shabaz sharif they giving protocols, bails and five star luxuries in jails but when it’s Dr Shahid it’s different because he exposes the pornography mafia, land mafia, money laundering mafia they now trying to make his life hard. Image it was you and they were walking you up and down the street with handcuffs showing on tv. That is against the law.they now doing there job.
The biggest harm the psycho CJ has done is to encourage the civil servants against the govt. We are lon gway from the level of democracy where the institutions can be 100% independent. There are many many black sheep amongst them and need high hand from the govt atleast untill our institutions and democracy get some maturity. But tunnelled vision CJ couldn't see that and was standing behind the black sheep.
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