Yeh Jo Kala Coat hay-Mian Tera Vote Hay- Ali Ahmed Kurd with other lawyers


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Itna to bara wakeel hay to nawaz sharif ka case lar layta... Salay bikao.

Is ki asliyat janane k bad isay koi lawyer forum isay monh nahin lagata.


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Kurd and company r on the payroll of enemies of Pakistan. How can a 2 bit lawyer who can’t even speak fluently be given this status. All he can do his shake his hair like a trans.



Only animal can trust them, maybe not even animal. But rest assure these human like animals are not trusted in human fraternity.

This is educated group of people and defend public in courts, but they themselves not trusting justice and courts, then how they can tell their clients to trust and follow it? But don't forget, these are lafafafa lawyer, who are interested their own lafafa not on public.
According to their own standard: if thief, choor not able to give money trail, what happens to them? Go to jail, right. Do they protest for those cases in courts, that why those thieves and looters going to jail? Then why now???? ask yourself question.....


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Kurd Kuttay ka Bacha Hai Harrami
1000 % agree with u , actually ye saanp hay jo khata pakistan ka hay aur Gata hindustan ka hay. Iss jaisay sanpoon ko mar daina chahiay.

Iss ki shakel daikh luo aur kobra saanp ki shakel dekh luo aik jaisi hay


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VOTE KO IZZAT DO, and the hell with voters, kill them, don't give them basics of life, don't give them equal treatment, treat them worst then insect and keep walking over them crushing their families and future. IS this what kurd and other clapping BHANDS want in Pakistan.