With Personal Attacks On PTI and Imran Khan Salman Baloch Got No Success To Divert Ali's Valid Quest


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MQM is not a party it is a stinking potty in Pakistan. there shouldn't be any compromise for them, if they are keen to go to India send them back, we are not interested in traitors. People those are Pakistani must stay away from this potty.


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Masood khatak should be hanged he has murdered large number of mqm workers in 90s operation through extra judicial killing ,imagine the fate of pakistan murderer sitting on tv like a bloody king and giving dictation to mqm


Why is MQM terrorist representative on Pakistan televisions with their ugly faces, and the Endian accent Urdu? Ban these rapist, looters, traitors permanently.


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​Raw naay Poori trah MQM ke bharvon ko organize kia huwa hai ab poori banh daikarr rangers inko dis organised karr rahay hain bharva aakhir bharvay hi hain