Why Pakistani courts treat softly to lawyers in their cases - know from Aitzaz Ahsan

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Judge, Advocate sub ek hi thalli ke chattay bhattay. Pakistan mein apnay paitti bhai aur biradari walay per koi haath nahi daal ta.

Daal ta hota to aaj Police aur Judiciary theek nahi hoti, aur koi kissi jahil nooray ko vote nahi daal tha biradari ke chakkar mein.


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Discipline should come from within. Passing a proper and fair bar exam, maintaining a license and following the rules is what is lacking. One can buy a law degree and call oneself a lawyer and start practicing. Bar councils and licensing process is a joke as well.


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This fac*ker Itizaz Ahsan is the master mind of all this mess. Sami Ullah was the father of Taliban and this Itzan is the father of rascal terrorist in black coats