Why all this drama of voting, number making and what not?


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Dont you think it looks so childish that grown men / criminals fretting over what the "law of the land" says about how many seats you need to have to form a government, and all that crap.Its as if these rules actually matter when we all know that it doesnt. Just sit together and decide whose going to get what, form the government, and start the rule. Throw away all these rules in the dustbin. I would say that you dont even need to win a seat to be in the National Assembly. What more, you dont even need to be registered as a politician. Do what thou wilt. The judiciary is in the bag. The election commission is in the bag. the media is in the bag. You dont need anybody. Stop pretending to play by the rules and start your rule for crying out loud. Nobody can do anything about it. Tell the media to stop airing any discussion on elections, and you are good to go. Ban all the websites covering elections. The judiciary can also just reject entertaining all election related cases. The election commission can simply announce the verdict on any complaints they receive as they want.

I honestly dont undertand why we have all this drama of voting and number making


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randi fauj ne pura nanga ho ker bund dikhana zaroori samjha hoga

waisay bhi general asim munir apni randi maan ki trah baar baar nanga ho ker dikha raha hai...