When the country was looted, tax collection was twice as much as under PM Imran Khan's government - Maryam Nawaz


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Two Stooges

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وکٹری کا نشان بناتے ہوئے، چوری چکاریوں میں اندر ہونے والا
یہ بے شرم، ڈھیٹ، اور بے غیرت قبیلہ
صرف ہمارے جاہل عوام کو ہی بے وقوف بنا سکتے ہیں



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Only a corrupt can promote corruption. Lohaar's raised their children on Maal e Haraam which is why they teach everyone about theft, loot, plunder etc. NAB appeal against her bail cancellation will be heard from JUNE and I hope she will rot in Jail with her corrupt Daddy.