When Nawaz Sharif became 3rd prime minster lot of people thought he might be a changed man & he migh

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Nawaz sharif has had a very lucky and lot of chances 3rd prime minster.

6 times Punjab government 27 family members in cabinet lot help from army, lot of help from judiciary and foreign powers like Saudi, India, America and thousands of blind supporters help from geo group.

In 2013 when he became 3rd time prime minster lot of people thought he would be a changed man he would have leant from his mistakes and bring a good team together and being reforms and genuine democracy but has disappointed again leanrnt nothing same old thinking rob the country keep the departments weak make the money benefit family and friends don't spend money on schools and hospitals lie in parliament blame all his failures on opposition army judiciary keep the same wrong advisors close.

This way only the uneducated blind supporters will support him or crooks making money his technique is make a soft smily faces rob the country and don't admite any thing. Same on sharif family and it's stupid supporters.
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جو پہلی اور دوسری دفع جھوٹا لعنتی چور فراڈیا اور بےغیرت وہ ہمیشہ ہی جھوٹا لعنتی چور فراڈیا اور بےغیرت ، فطرت کبھی نہیں بدلتی


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Harram zada Nawaz sharif used to get his Niharris and breakfast transported in helicopter on government expense