Were Lashkar Janghvii and its leaders real or were they just employees to take blame upon themselves


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So there was indeed a lashkar Jhangwi !, an entity by that name , My impression was that for the last ten years it was a hypothetical killer name used to fill any mysterious murder or blast that would not make sense . A kind of unicorn , about which you see reports but not see .

Then there is effort to kill this time this leader's sons too and there is loss of life of police officers for nothing . All those who were used are dying , our foriegn agency infiltrators are clearing all holes of leaks and mess. Dawn newspaper has put him incharge of Srilanka team attack , so Raymond should be out of this allegation then . Dawn is strangely guided it seems .Who will tell us who he was ?Reality or Phantom ?

[h=1]Pakistan police kill feared militant leader, 13 others[/h]


MUZAFFARGARH, Pakistan: Pakistani police gunned down one of the countrys most-feared Sunni militant leaders and 13 followers in a mysterious pre-dawn shootout Wednesday, killing a man believed to behind the slaughter of hundreds of the nations minority Shiites.

Malik Ishaq, who directed the operations of the Taliban- and Al-Qaeda-linked Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group, was so feared in Pakistan that frightened judges hid their faces from him and even offered the unrepentant killer tea and cookies in court.

Yet Ishaq, believed to be either 55 or 56, operated freely for years in Pakistan as the countrys intelligence services helped nurture Sunni militant groups in the 1980s and 1990s to counter a perceived threat from neighboring Shiite power Iran.Details of Ishaqs killing remain cloudy in Pakistan, where extrajudicial slayings by police remain common especially in pre-staged ambushes. Ishaq already had been detained by police, arrested two days earlier on suspicion of being involved in the slaying of two Shiites, police officer Bakhtiar Ahmed said.

Early Wednesday, as officers tried to transfer Ishaq from a prison in the city of Multan, gunmen ambushed the police convoy transporting him in an attempt to free the militant, Ahmed said. The ensuing gunbattle killed Ishaq and at least 13 of his associates, including two of his sons and his deputy, Ghulam Rasool, Ahmed said.In a later statement, police said 14 or 15 unidentified armed terrorists attacked police vehicles to free Ishaq when officers were returning from an area in Muzaffargarh after seizing weapons, explosives and detonators on information provided by Ishaq and some of his associates.

It also said Ishaq and his associates were killed by those who ambushed the convoy, without elaborating.Shuja Khanzada, the provincial home minister in Pakistans eastern Punjab province, where the alleged ambush took place, said the shooting wounded six police officers who demonstrated extreme bravery.No other witnesses to the shooting could be immediately located, nor could Ishaqs family members.Malik Ishaq was behind many acts of terrorism and he was freed by courts in the past due to lack of evidence, Khanzada told The Associated Press. Finally, this symbol of terror met his final fate.

Fearing violence in Punjab, long the home of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, police mounted a heavy security presence around the province and the morgue in Muzaffargarh that took Ishaqs body and those of his associates.Ishaq helped found Laskhar-e-Jangvi, which allies itself with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. His group is blamed for scores of attacks on Shiites, regarded as infidels, and on Pakistani and US interests. Theyve also been accused of carrying out attacks in neighboring Afghanistan. The US State Department designated Ishaq as a terrorist in February 2014, ordering any US assets he held frozen.

Ishaq was arrested in 1997 and accused in more than 200 criminal cases, including the killings of 70 Shiites. But the state could never make the charges stick in large part because witnesses, judges and prosecutors were too scared to convict.
Frightened judges treated him honorably in court and gave him tea and cookies, said Anis Haider Naqvi, a prosecution witness in two cases against Ishaq who spoke to The Associated Press in 2011. One judge attempted to hide his face with his hands, but Ishaq made clear he knew his identity in a chilling way: He read out the names of his children, and the judge abandoned the trial, Naqvi said at the time.

Despite the lack of convictions, Ishaq remained in prison for 14 years as prosecutors slowly moved from one case to the next. Ishaq proved his usefulness to the army in 2009, when he was flown from jail to negotiate with militants who had stormed part of the military headquarters in Rawalpindi and were holding hostagesA behind-the-scenes effort by the government to co-opt the leaders of militant outfits and bring them into mainstream political life, or at least draw them away from attacking the state, helped Ishaq secure his release in 2011. He had been in and out of police custody since.

Pakistan is a majority Sunni Muslim state, with around 15 percent of the population Shiite. Most Sunnis and Shiites live together peacefully in Pakistan, though tensions have existed for decades and extremists on both sides target each others leaders.
Pakistan has intensified its campaign against militant groups since December 2014, when a Taliban attack on a military school in the northwestern city of Peshawar killed 150 people, mostly children.The school attack also prompted the Pakistani government to lift its moratorium on the death penalty. It has executed scores of militants and other men charged in murder cases since then.
Ahmed reported from Islamabad.

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One should upload Malik Audio files, for every one to hear what he spoke all his life. He was Pure Iblis from the core.

Pakistani Judges left there chair and ran away from the Court rooms as soon this evil monster step in the Court Room.

When charges were been read in the court room, this Iblis use to speak out loudly names, address and exact location of Judge family members.

Listen to the recording what this mad man had to say. If any one protect him or his kind is sure a killer humanity him self.

SSP, LeJ TTP all offer hate.. nothing more nothing less.


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We do not really know what happened there is a lot BS around, we are fed it everyday. What is the point killing him they should have trailed him, did police have the balls to do it, was army involved, is he really alive somewhere in PK mountains? has anyone seen his dead body?

There are so many questions that have to be answered.


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even people like you are in a state of denial. you are only ready to give benefit of doubt and cast aspersions based on your biases.

This is the exact problem that has brought us to this point.

Terrorism, fanaticism, extremism, intolerance, hate practiced by anyone would be considered highly undesirable and detestable.

Yes, there is a possibility that some or most of these people are used by foreign powers to further their interests but these people are not phantoms they are
real and they are among us. All you need to do is go out a little, mingle and talk to people and if you don't come across a Malik Ishaq then you most probably will
come across a little toned down version of him. The tendencies exhibited by him and his ideology is alive and real. Its not fantastical made up stuff by Dawn.

What we need to do is to denounce ALL efforts to sow hate no matter who is doing it. Whether its sunnis, shias, deobandis, barelvis, salafis, liberals, socialists, marxists, atheists, progressives, nationalists. We should not try to find ways to cast doubts about evil actions by people that you my sympathize with (you used mysterious - not sure whats mysterious when people are blown up and families pulled from buses and shot and there are video evidence showing people like you and me and not aliens committing these acts).

Contrary to what the puritans believe Pakistan is a very diverse country with very stark divisions in terms of ethnicity and religion. These divisions have deepened over the past 30-40 years. I think that the ensuing chaos has been a major contributing factor. I think that instead of try to erase these differences a better approach would be to respect and celebrate these differences. Live by the universal code of ethics and morals and follow the law of the land.


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The word "in the last ten years has been ignored" in responses . There indeed was a original janghvi once upon a time and he had an agenda . But was lashkar a real entity in the last ten years , was it just a name to use when work was done by psychopaths infiltrating local and agencies , was lashkar a name to use when you do not want to investigate or arrest anybody .Deaths of such persons as also like saulat Mirza are meant to hide the real planners who will then live amongst us without fear and doing it under any other name , this time it is to be ISIS and so they got rid of Mullah Omar concept too to pave way for slaughter in name of ISIS now . If we do not locate psychopaths in local and foreign agencies our suffering will continue . Killing these intermediaries will make locating actual planners impossible . Dawn has named him as possible perpetrator of Srilankan team attack but our agencies were suspicious of Raymond for that even ,a suspicious arising from intensity of US interest in getting him out quickly .