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Pakistani beauty queen Mahira Khan is known to be sweeping hearts of everyone wherever she goes but the starlet is sweeping the floor of a set this time and people can’t help but swoon at her simplicity.


In a footage making rounds on social media widely, the Raees star was spotted elegantly dressed with a mop in her hands going around cleaning the set floor without any hesitation leading to numerous people showering praises on her for being so down to earth.

The video has come afloat in light of the controversy actors Saboor Aly and Saheefa Jabbar Khattak had gotten themselves tangled into recently over a ‘classist’ video of them poking fun at a window cleaner.
While cleaning the floors spotless, the Humsafar queen can be seen donning a crimson ankle-length skirt with a black top.



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Apparently Publicity stunt!
but she know how to mop the floors and thats why she took it
away from the guy who was not doing great job.
She did it before in USA as we dont know how to use mob correctly.
she is humble & good person at heart if you follow her on insta?
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Looks like she knows what shes doing and has done it before, so probably not for show but rather of the school of thought if you want to get anything done right, do it yourself. And ofcourse there is no shame in it.