US citizen on the mission to Hunt down "Osama Bin Ladin".(interview)

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A 52-year-old American citizen who said he was searching for Osama bin Laden was detained in Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan this week, Pakistani police said Tuesday.

The Californian named Gary Brooks Faulkner was carrying a pistol, a sword, night-vision equipment and Christian religious books, said Mumtaz Ahmed, a police chief in the area.

Faulkner was detained as he was walking from Pakistan toward the border into Nuristan province in Afghanistan, Ahmed said. He told police that he had been looking for bin Laden since 9/11 and had traveled to the area several times before, Ahmed said.

Bin Laden Hunter Interview : He was Close Enough to Shoot Him


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If any pakistani did anything like that in US,pakistan would get the warning for severe consequences. I admire faulkner's courage but he should find out first who did 9/11? Osama is dead already and no one feel regret about it . US is just bragging about him only to justify their presence in afghanistan to their people.


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He looking for CIA agent Osama Laden.

I agree with Gen. Hameed Gull:

"He should have looked for Osama in the basement of White House"

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He is even breathless when talking.He just wants to make money of his storey.The ameicanas are foolish and soon the Hollywood Director will contact him for his storey.He is now millionaire atleast for his 500 dollars trip to pakistan.This is called geniouse.

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The guy need to sort out his kidneys prob as well high BP,but most importantly his stupid brother should take him to a good phychologist firts.He is crazy.The only he is alive today is because people back in Pakistan were not interested in a white beard 52 year old and ill health RAMBO.
Good to see him alive and safe.