To Come In power Imran Khan is even ready to sit in the feets of Jews- Saleem Safi

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Yaar is tarah rozan mou kala kerwanay se acha hai ke iteraf kerlay bhai mein NS se paisay leta houn aur sirf us ke haq me hi boloun ga. Who is this zameer farosh trying to fool?


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if someone dislike IK so this does not make him or her Patwari or PML-N supporter :) my mother dislike IK more then safi does but my mom is not PML-N supporter.


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Yaa frustrated hy aur khopri maay maghaz nahi hy
He is fraud jalee pathan i saw a video clip where is seen just accompanying mlik riaz how can he think of hanging arround corrupt people he is a ghuddar too anti fata merger haramkhore
He was raped as a kid.