This is the Real Face of Javed Chahdary : womeniser


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In year 2005 Javed Chadhry was the Teacher in Barani University rawalpindi in mass-communication department, his brother was teacher of English for undergrad students in the same university.

Girls of Barani university lodged a complaint against him that he is sexually harassing and molesting them.

university Disciplinary committee started inquiry

Javed Chadhary approached then time Chancellor of the University and Governor of the Punjab Khalid Maqbool Shaikh.
Governor asked him to offer vice chancellor position to than time chairman disciplinary committee in return of proving them not guilty

Javed Chodhary offered this lucrative incentive to than time Chairman Disciplinary committee he felt insult and asked Security guards to kick him out of his office and the university

Javed chodry left and brought several reporters and tried to attack that professor office

than time Vice chancellor of university dr Khalid Mahmood was typical bureaucrat he realized the situation and get under pressure from the governor

he tried to remove the charges but the disciplinary committee members offered their resign.

than ViceChancellor have to removed both brothers from Barani University.

This is the real face of this king of yellow journalism

i am not in the country anybody having influence should contact barani university Rawalpindi and request them the proceeding of that investigation under the law of access of information and print them in the media so the people should know the real face of these people

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Thanks for exposing the real face of such BLACK SHEEP rather SQUINTED BOAR....................

Bilal Hamed

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Shazab Khanzada's program was in same studio in Express News, and he got a little late. On this he fought with Khanzada and gave him maan behan ki galian and then brought some goons to threaten him. Javed Choudary is full GUNDA with typical GULLU BUTT mentaility.


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There is no need to discuss personal life of any body. Whether the person is IK , JC or Noora.

Please stick to the rational debate.

saeed khan

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Javaid wrote in his book the background of his family.
He wrote that his senior family members ( uncles ) were Gulloo Butts and he is the first person from his family and cousins who went to school.
Whatever his past is it does not matter.
But he disappointed me because he always praised the leaders of different countries for their honesty and simplicity.
Once he wrote about the honesty of first lady PM of Israel that when a leader of a Western country came for weapons` deal, she took him in the kitchen, did deal of weapons worth millions of dollars and during this prepared tea for him.
Now when we are in Jahad against the corrupt and dishonest PM of our country, he favoured that M.unafiq PM.
I am sorry Javaid I was your fan bought your all the books but now I will never ever buy your any book.


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Javed Choudhry shakal sey thora bhi munafiq zaror lagta hai. magar jab bolna shuru krta hai to Munafiq-e-Azam lagnay lag jata hai...

Saaalon tak inqilaaabi kahaniyaan sunaa sunaa kr logon ko sharminada krta raha... or aaj jab log sarkon pr hain to achanak palti maar kr status quo ka haami ban gaya....

ab agar es main thori bhi gherat hui to aayenda yeh banda kabhi inqilaabi baten nai karay gaaa....


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کچھ نونی ٹونز کارٹونز کو اپنا سورس بھی پتہ نہیں ہوتا کیا معلوم کسی ایم پی اے کے منشی کی غلطی تھی یا پٹواری کی ادھر ہر فارم پر سورس مانگتے پھرتے ہیں جو ان کے منہ پر تقریباً ہرروز تھوک سے مارتے ہیں بے شرم سارے سورسز کو اپنے سورسز میں گم کر دیتے ہیں پھر نیا سورس مانگنے لگتے ہیں۔
جیدے کی فطرت اس دن سامنے آ گئی تھی جس دن اس نے بے چارے شاذیب کا ایک معمولی اختلاف پر ہاتھ توڑ دیا تھا۔
میڑک پاس ملک ریاض کے کالم چھپا کرتے تھے ایکسپریس اخبار میں حیران ہوتا یار کیا کمال کا لکھتا ہے بے شک زیادہ پڑھا لکھا نہیں ہے۔ وہ الگ بات ہے تحریروں میں جیدے مونچھوں والے چوہے کی جھلک صاف بتا رہی ہوتی تھی یہ جیدے چمار کی کارستاتی ہے رینٹ اے کالم کار کا موجد۔
جیدے تو نے خان صاحب کا ایک نمبر عام کیا ہے تیری پوری فیملی کے نمبر پنجاب بھر کے ٹوائلٹ میں بمع سروسز کے لکھے پائے جائیں گے۔