These people are burning with hatred of Imran Khan - Ameer Abbas

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Its clearly obvious these people are suffering from cult of personality, superiority complex and severe form of narcissism.

Nani Maharani thinks she is some kind of royalty like the Queen of England and it is her God given right to rule the country as many time she has refferred to as "hukumran Khandan" and Pakistan is nothing but her dominion and Pakistanis her subjects and how dare this one person come and destroy her royal family'e reign, humiliate them by convicting them of their own crimes and sending them to prison and worst of all take away their right to rule. Hence see is seething with anger and this uncontrol able desire for revenge, that this man needs to be taught a heavy lesson for his insolence and going against us. Has gone blind in this seething rage.

The Jurnails, Dirty Harrys, Hunny Bunny DGI etc etc also suffer from similar defects.

And what makes them totally lose their shit is that even with all the power, media and state assets and machinery behind them they are unable to control him or exact their revenge.

Because these worthless cretins have forgotten than with the support of Allah from the heavens above and power of the people on the ground below there is nothing these sordid creatures can do.
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