The resentful brown bag journalists are spitting venom against PM Imran Kha


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PM Imran Khan does not need salacious, malicious, and duplicitous brown bag (lafafa) journalists to accompany him on foreign visits because the whole world community respects, admires, and adores his intellectual abilities, sagacity and visionary leadership as well as for his fierce patriotism, intense love for Pakistan and its masses.

Prime Minister is heard and listened attentively and admiringly by the diplomatic world and also by every world leader because his opinion matters and is most relevant to international peace, international foreign relations, global economic development, and global climate change issues.

Unfortunately and sadly the hatemongering Indians and their fanatical and fundamentalist warmongering PM Narendra Modi do not agree with his good advice to find a peaceful and long-lasting solution to the issue of Indian illegal occupation of Occupied Kashmir for the last seventy years and leashing its stomach-churning atrocities, ruthless barbarities, bloodlettings, and horrific brutalities against the suppressed Muslims living under illegal occupation.

The brown bag (lafafa) journalists, Tv anchors, Tv analysts, and media bosses who were previously cajoled and allured by the most corrupt leaders, Nawaz Shariff and Asif Ali Zardari by stuffing their mouths, bellies, and wallets with dollars and rupees to promote their corrupt images are now on the forefront of writing and spitting venom against PM Imran Khan's international recognition and popularity. Therefore, they are the resentful lot who are shunned by PM Imran Khan.


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