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It is in Quran -عَالِمُ الْغَيْبِ فَلَا يُظْهِرُ عَلَىٰ غَيْبِهِ أَحَدًا-إِلَّا مَنِ ارْتَضَىٰ مِن رَّسُولٍ (Meaning - He (alone) knows the Unseen, nor does He make any one acquainted with His Mysteries, except an Apostle whom He has chosen (Prophet Mohammad - SAWS). (Al-Jinn - 26-27).

Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani explained the above verse as follows:

QUOTE - It follows from this verse that Prophets can see some of the Unseen, and so do the Awliya Allah (saints) that follow each particular Prophet also, as each takes from his Prophet and is gifted (yukram) with his knowledge. The difference between the two is that the Prophet looks at this knowledge through all kinds of revelation, while the saint does not look upon it except in dreams or through inspiration, and Allah knows best.

(Fath al-bari (1989 ed. 8:660) Tafsir Surat Luqman, "Allah has knowledge of the Hour" (31:34)

Ibn Hajar quotes al-Qurtubi's words confirming this:

QUOTE - The truthful, righteous Muslim (al-muslim al-sadiq al-salih) is he whose state matches that of Prophets and thereby is bestowed (ukrima) some of the same kind of gifts they were given: that is to behold the unseen (wa huwa al-ittila` `ala al-ghayb).

As for the disbeliever (al-kafir), the corrupt person (al-fasiq), and the contentious one who confuses matters for the listeners (al-mikhlat) -- then no. UNQUOTE

(al-Qurtubi as quoted by Ibn Hajar in Fath al-bari (1989 ed.) 12:449.)

The gist of the above explanations by Ibn Hajr and Qurtubi is that, those who do not believe in the Knowledge of Unseen of Prophets and Awliya Allah are Kafir, Fasiq and Controversial Troublemakers in the guise of Muslims - ie., Salafis and their like minded groups.
It is in Quran - "Certainly We (Allah -SWT) have sent to you (Prophet -SAWS) as witness, deponent and the one who gives good tiding and as a forewarner(Ahzab - 45).
Who is a witness (as per the law)?
He is the one who sees things from his eyes. Statement of a Deponent who has only heard about a thing is not acceptable in the Court of law.
The above Quranic verse establishes that Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) sees our conditions, individually and collectively.
It is in Quran - لَقَدْ جَاءَكُمْ رَسُولٌ مِّنْ أَنفُسِكُمْ عَزِيزٌ عَلَيْهِ مَا عَنِتُّمْ حَرِيصٌ عَلَيْكُم بِالْمُؤْمِنِينَ رَءُوفٌ رَّحِيمٌ (Meaning - An Apostle (SAWS) has been raised for you from yourselves, your living wrongly with its consequent suffering presses heavily upon him; he is ardently desirous of your welfare; and for those (of you) who are believers, he is full of pity, merciful. (At-Tawba-128).
It is in Hadith - Hazrat Ghousul Azam (r) narrates that - Prophet (SAWS) said 'Even if a thorn is pricked into your feet, I feel the pain of it'.
It is in Hadith - It is narrated byHazrat Umar Radi Allahu anhu One day the Prophet Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam stood between us and informed us of the matters from the beginning of creation to the people of paradise entering paradise and the people of hell entering hell. Whoever remembered, remembered and whoever forgot, forgot. (Bukhari)

Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) is the last Prophet sent for the entire humanity (Kaaffatunnaas). There will be no Prophet after him. Therefore whatever is said about him in Quran with reference to his Ummah is applicable for all Muslims till the day of resurrection. We cannot say that the Quranic verses with reference to Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) viz-a-viz Ummatul Muslimeen are only for the people who lived during his life time. Therefore, the above verses establish that Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) sees the actions of every Muslim till resurrection and beyond.
We cannot understand these things with our limited understanding and mental ability. Let us understand it with examples. gets more than 222 million hits per day and Yahoo gets about 90 millions hits per day. This means that many people are using these Web sites for various purposes. Now, let anyone consider; are not these sites aware of the individual and collective actions of their users? If a single user is unable to get required data, the site attends to his/her request immediately and within no time the problem is solved. That is the reason their users are swelling by the day.
I will explain it with another example. United States is a very large country and because of its status as undisputed super power of the world the data generated at Pentagon, While House, Capitol Hill, various Federal/State offices, US Basis and Embassies around the globe is enormous. The single man in the world who has access and control of this data is US President. Can anyone tell that the US President is unaware of the data generated at these places? Any literate human being will say no. It cannot be like that. He is fully aware and in control of this data.
How does a US President operate? He overlooks US operations and knows which direction the US policies will go to keep its position intact, at home and abroad. And if he wants to know what is happening at a remote area in the country or at a US Base at a far off corner of the World, like Diego Garcia, he does not need to ask anyone. He looks at his computer and with a few computer commands he comes to know about it.
Similarly, it is established from Quran and Ahadith that Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) is aware of all his people and everything in this cosmos, individually and collectively. Allah's (SWT) hidden machinery is in operation at optimum level at all the time. There are innumerable Angels, humans and other species working 24 hours of the day. They do not get tired. And the single person who has access and command over this machinery (other than Allah -SWT) is (Bi iznillahi - with Allah's -SWT permission) Prophet Mohammad (SAWS). If it is not so, then how people's deeds will be evaluated on the Day of Judgment when everyone's limbs will also talk of the deeds they did. Dear brothers and sisters, Allah's (SWT) administration is very efficient and Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) is in-charge and in command of this Administration. Angels, Awliya Allah and many others are working efficiently in their assigned jobs. The existence of this administration and its efficient functioning is established from the above Ahadith.

Read the following verse, you will know the status of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) in the Cosmos.


It is in Quran - Allah (SWT) and His angels send blessings (and salutations) on Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) : O you who believe! Send your salutations and reverence on him, and salute him with all respect. (Al-Ahazab 56).(Allahumma salle ala mohammadin wa ala ale mohammadin wa barik wo sallim).

The above Quranic verse is in present tense. It is not that the Durood was sent on Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) during his life time only. This is a continuous process. This establishes the fact that the life span of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) is continuous. Let us see, what Quran says in this context.
It is in Quran Behold! Allah (SWT) took the covenant (promise) of (all) the prophets, saying: "I give you a Book and Wisdom; then comes to you an Apostle (Mohammad SAWS), confirming what is with you; do you believe in him and render him help." Allah (SWT) said: "Do you agree, and take this my Covenant as binding on you?" They said: "We agree." He said: "Then bear witness, and I am with you among the witnesses. (Aal-e-Imran 81).
When was the covenant (promise/affidavit) taken from all prophets?

When souls of all Prophets were created, and before them, the supreme soul of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) was also created.

Allah (SWT) gathered all souls of Prophets and took the covenant from them that they will believe in Prophet Mohammads (SAWS) supremacy in the cosmos. When they agreed, Allah (SWT) says, He is also a witness of that gathering and covenant along with all the Prophets.

This shows the Supreme Soul of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) was created first as root of all creations. From this root, everything in this cosmos was created.
It is in Hadith - Narrated by Abu Hurayrah (RU). When Allah's (SWT) Messenger was asked since how long he is the Prophet of Allah (SWT), he replied, When Adam (AS) had not yet had his spirit joined to his body. (Tirmidhi).
It is in Quran Qad Jaaakum minallhi Noonrun wa Kitabun Mubeen (Meaning - Without doubt Noor from Allah (SWT) ( Prophet Mohammad - SAWS) came to you and a Book of Illumination (Quran-e-Mubeen) (Maida 15).
The above Quranic verses and Ahadith confirm the fact that 'the first thing Allah (SWT) created was the 'Noor-e-Nabi (SAWS). The above Quranic verse and Sahih Hadith also confirm the authenticity of the Hadith in which the Prophet (SWAS) said "I am from the Allah's (SWT) Noor (existence) and everything else is (created) from my Noor (existence).
When the Prophet (SAWS) (as per the above Quranic verses and Ahadith) was living before his birth, then how come he will not be living after he is gone from this world?
As a matter of fact, the concept of death is not associated with any soul whatsoever.
It is in Quran - And (remember) when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their loins, their seed (or from Adam's loin his offspring) and made them testify as to themselves (saying): "Am I not your Lord?" They said: "Yes! We testify," lest you should say on the Day of Resurrection: "Verily, we have been unaware of this." (Al-Araf - 172).
Meaning, we were living before our birth and we will continue to live in Barzaq after our deaths. The living conditions are different with reference to each world. Our earlier living in Ilm-e-Elahi is different from our current living (also in Ilm-e-Elahi) in this world and our living in Barzaq after our death will be different as per the conditions of that world.
When there is no death for the souls of common people, how come Salafis and their like minded groups associate death with the Supreme Soul of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS)?
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It is in Hadith (Bukhari wo Muslim) - Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) said Allah (SWT) gives and I distribute.

This is a Sahih Hadith in which Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) is saying that Allah (SWT) gives and He distributes. He is not saying, "I will distribute till I am alive and after me someone else (Nauzubillahi) will distribute".
My dear brothers and sisters, all Quranic verses and Ahadith about Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) are for all the people and for all time.
Some Muslim sects think that since Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) is not alive, he is not active (Nauzubillahi).
They do not understand the functioning of this cosmos. Their hard disk (mental capacity) is very limited, therefore they cannot understand the functioning of this huge cosmos. What is required is, they should replace their hard disks to understand complex issues of this cosmos.
Where can we get hard disks replaced (religious understanding improved)? Awliya Allah and Sufi Shaikhs are the hardware and software Engineers/specialists of our souls. Refer them your problems, they will fix them for you with which you can understand religious issues better.
My dear brothers and sisters, I am positive that insha-Allah all your doubts about the knowledge of unseen of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) must have been cleared after reading the above information.

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Billions and countless Durood' o Salam's on our Beloved Syeddi wa Murshadi ...May Allah subhana watallah always give us tofeek to recite billions of duroods on our beloved !..


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Har Ibteda say phelee, Har inteha k Baad
Zate Nabi Buland Hay, Zate Khuda k Bad
Dunya may Ehteraam k Qabil hen jetney Loog
May Sab ko manta hon, Magar Mustafa(S.A.W.S) k Baad
Aap(SAWS) per lakhon aur caroron Darood o Salam


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well you wrote that...The gist of the above explanations by Ibn Hajr and Qurtubi is that, those who do not believe in the Knowledge of Unseen of Prophets and Awliya Allah are Kafir, Fasiq and Controversial Troublemakers in the guise of Muslims - ie., Salafis and their like minded groups.

so you mean to say that all salafis are kafir! meaning 90 percent of arab population(who are salfi) are kafir in your eyes!!!!way to go you idiot way to go!!!!...why would allah give key to mecca in hands of salafis who you label as kufar! have you ever thought?why not people like you than who would make even kaaba a shrine. nauzubillah!

have you done jihad in allahs way ?those who actually love prophet muhammad sallalah u alihe wasallum and whom you label "kafirs" are always ready to give their lives for sake of muhammad sallalahu alihe wasallum..but people like you are just all talk and talk.nothing many people of your school of thought gave up lives for prophet muhammads deen islam?
a friend of mind told how buses full of arab youth went to iraq to fight jihad against americans ,leaving behind comforts and you they are all "kafirs"!!!!!

the truth of the matter is that allah is the boss of universe and all things in universe are allahs one is superior to allah...among allahs creation our prophet muhammad sallalah u alihe wasallum is supreme...he was given knowledge of unseen too but this knowledge of unseen is not independent...but this knowledge was given to him by allah subhanahu...this is the view of majority of muslims in the world (not just salafi).so stop labelling everyone kafir.
if allahs creation,s knowledge of unseen is independent of allah than this would mean equality with allah, which is actually an open shirk .and shirk has no forgiveness ever .

allah subhanahu said in quran in sura alaraaf ayat number 88
Say (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم): "I possess no power over benefit or harm to myself except as Allah wills. If I had the knowledge of the Ghaib (Unseen), I should have secured for myself an abundance of wealth, and no evil should have touched me. I am but a warner, and a bringer of glad tidings unto people who believe."(sura alaraaf ayat number 188)

prophet muhammad sallalah u alihe wasallum here was asked by allah subhanahu to tell people above thing,,so they know that absolute knowledge of unseen is only with allah,so he was given an example about what to tell people about this matter...
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Modern Faqir,

This is the biggest tosh I have ever read. Grow up man, first people use the Holy Quran To claim Prophets have the Knowledge of the Unseen, forgetting the Holy Quran has repeatedly declared Allah SWT gives no one the knowledge of Unseen and His SWT unfathomable knowledge.

Even the verse of Surah Al-Jin you quoted is not exact or correct translation.

72:27 unless it be to an apostle whom He has been pleased to elect [there for]: and then He sends forth [the forces of heaven] to watch over him in whatever lies open before him and in what is beyond his ken.

Verse 27 is not about Allah SWT giving the knowledge of the Unseen to the Prophets but that He SWT appoint angels to protect the Wahi sent to the Prophets and whatever lies open To the Prophets or what is behind their perception or knowledge.

You should understand one simple thing there are no contradictions in the Holy Quran. If Allah SWT Decreed He SWT does not share His SWT unfathomable knolwedge with anyone than it means with no one, full stop.

The trick played by many including the false Prophets like Mirza Kazzab is to use this same verse of the Holy Quran twist its meanings and claim what they want.Mirza declared he was given the knowledge of the Unseen, nauzobillah.
You have extended it to others now. Whatever happened to the term "no one"?

As for your other tosh about Prophet Muhammad SAW watching over us until the Day of the Judgement read the verse 5:109 in the Holy Quran which decreed;

5:109 In the day when Allah gathereth together the messengers,
and saith: What was your response (from mankind)? they say: We have no knowledge. Lo! Thou, only Thou art the Knower of Things Hidden,

This verse does not say all other messengers except Prophet Muhamamd SAW, it says the messengers, meaning all the Prophets including Prophet Muhammad SAW, no exceptions.

You should read my article on the following short cut. It was written against the lies of Mirza Kazzab but it takes care of anyone who try to share the Unseen with Allah SWT, whoever it may be. It provides verses from the Holy Quran specifically decreeing Prophet Muhammad SAW did not have knowlege of the Unseen.