Some memories of Cricket World Cup final 1992.


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It was March 1992 and I was in Islamabad attending departmental training. In the beginning Pakistani cricket team performance made every Pakistani disappointed and no one was even ready to think that Pakistan will reach to semi-final stage.
Considering that, I called my family to spend few days after training in Northern Areas and booked train tickets for Hyderabad for 25th March without knowing that on that day Final of Tournament will be played as I lost all hopes.

Having finished my training I started exploring beauty of Northern Areas with my family and during that time I realized that Pakistan will be in semi-final. When Pakistan finished victorious in semi-final, all Pakistanis and big pundits of the game were of the view that Pakistan will also win the Final.

I contacted Pakistan railways for cancellation of booking and new booking for any other day but they refused. I had no option but to board the train on the day final was to be played.
There were about 12 cars in that train and no surprise, there was not a single passenger in the train. I boarded train with my family and soon after final started. I had radio and was listening to the commentary. All crew including conductor, coolies, kitchen staff gathered in my car and enjoying the match. They were chanting on every ball, run, fours, sixes and out.

Kitchen staff offered me milk for my son (who was then 4-month-old) and also served us soft drinks and charged nothing.
Match ended and all crew started chanting. They hugged and congratulated each other. They all congratulated me.
After match, crew offered me to play playing cards and we kept playing cards until train reached Hyderabad they hugged me, said good bye to me.

The day that started with disappointment turned out to be an unforgettable day which I might not have been able to experience had I watched that match on TV in the comfort of my house.