Sindh PML-Q announces to join PPP govt


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Sindh PML-Q announces to join PPP govt

Sindh PML-Q announces to join PPP govt
Sindh PML-Q general secretary has formally announced to join PPP government.

Talking to media after general workers meeting in a local hotel, Sindh PML-Q general secretary Ghaus Bakhsh Mehar said that PML-Q has decided to form alliance with PPP to save democracy. He asserted that the decision was taken to stop the rule of technocrats.

Earlier, Babar Awan had a meeting with PML-Q leaders Ch. Shujaat and Ch. Pervaiz Elahi in Lahore and discussed ways for their inclusion into the cabinet.


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Siasi Murabba in the name of democracy again ................ Mil bant kar khane ka aik aur achha aur purana aazmuda nuskha ........... btw this nuskha is getting very successful and famous for the past three years specifically since everyone has enjoyed it and some are still getting beneficial while other are joining to taste it .......... few of them have left when they have did their stomachs full and needs to have some digestion ...... so they can get hungry again before the next upcoming elections........ and all this is done in the name of democracy and to save this democracy ........... Zaati Mufaadat jab ke naam Mufahimat aur Qaumi Mufad ka ........ while Qaumi to sift lootna hai Mufad to completely and whole sole Zaati ............


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Paki-Lover you said it dear ; all the thiefs should unite . This will give the nation still a more better understanding of these thugs who are looting this countries resources with both hands and feet ; after all it is their last run !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!