Shahid Nama with Dr Shahid Masood - 4th August 2011 - Mushahid Hussain


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Dr Shahid is so called an opinion maker, but he should respect opinion of other too. He never allows others to talk. He is really nothing more than a Siasi Adaakar. People of Pakistan are far more intellegent than him.


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This Shahid Masood is such a jerk that he wants his guests to support only his perspective & be agreed to him only. He cuts into between words of guests so very often and says with full makkari "kata kalaim ki mafi" such a stupid & unprofessional talk show host.
Dr Shahid should stop inviting guests and instead sould host one man show. That would be more appropriate as no one else would be able to give ones opinion and thus no interruptions.


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it looks like they were enjoying themselves. pakistan has only two problems that we don't have visionary people (neither analysts nor leader) and disconnected nation from all the matter of country( so we are in trouble. useless talk everybody who has little historical knowledge knew these things what they just discussed. Simple is that we can't come out this situation unless some genuine leadership will emerge and that will only be possible if every pakistani show his/her concern about his/her country (pakistan) and throw these corrupt filthy politicians out of government matters and bring honest, sincere, and visionary person. this is the only solution rest of the discussions are just race of commercials and ratings.


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Dr. is ADHD. I hope the people living abroad must know his term about mental health , in kids.

It is ' Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ' .


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GOD bless this world and save it from evils like USA Israel and their supporters It is very much clear even if any one goes in history of pakistan will know that usa have always created hurdles for pakistan and tried to destabilise it through different propoagandas fake dramas blame games like did after 911 trade centers collapse 90%MEDIA IS OWNED BY JEWS WAR MONGERS LIARS HATRED AND MOST Wicked cunning diplomat to invade afghanistan, iraq capture there resources kill their babies and deploy their army its universal rule of israel and usa forces first let their enemies fight with each other when they get weak attack them as in pakistan shia sunni and india enough for them to tease while still pakistan its leaders officers forces depend on this worst poisnous snake who always bitten pakistan on almost every occasion drone attacks,raymond davis who murdered innocent pakistanis and left free ,bomb blasts, insecurity instability till yet very much crystal clear while pakistan never teased this stage 4 metastatic cancer usa like their xee black water under cover agents several others ,israel and india always usa favourite countries. As usa christians all religions itself becoming slave of jews who got the most cunning wicked brains on earth instead of jerusalem they spreading like parasites every where and increasing cancer every where all can see nothing happening to israel mosquito while playing with so big gulf states like arab uae ksa since years so similar israel will never want that iran, korea become nucler power or pakistan remain nuclear power but no problem israel ,usa ,uk ,france, or india ,make or keep as much bombs they can no problems they can keep and increase them too EVILS double standards still time to attack and finish the roots and their root cause of all such propagandas fake drama makers war mongers usa israel india destroyers of earth. basicaly war is against muslims not against europe america brasil africa canada or non muslim states its true osama cia agent al qaida helped no 1 else more then usa israel helped lot israelis americans to full fill their missions dirty desires to invade free states IRAQ AFGHAN ETC ETC.. and hold their assets to provide enviroment for attack as in past mujahideen did in russian war against afghanistan now same people r called thaliban terrorists trained and sent into pakistan in real thalib is so poor cant eat 1 time how he fight keep so expensive guns and live happy in doing this all as dollars have power to do any thing.


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He is now "dr shaid masood"playing a rool to cheack peoples mentality, and forward them views to his lords siting in uk, their r lots of hard question against mqm but unfortunatly no one ask them becose fear of bullet,