Shahbaz should jump from Minar-e-Pakistan: Raja Riaz


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Shahbaz should jump from Minar-e-Pakistan: Raja Riaz[/h] Last Updated On 13 June,2012 About 3 hours agoRaja Riaz has said Shahbaz Sharif should commit suicide by jumping from Minar-e-Pakistan.

Talking to media men outside the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday Raja Riaz stated the Provincial Ministers are powerless instead there is a one-man show in Punjab, who has ruined the province.

The Provincial Finance Minister was formed for budget speech only before one day of the budget, he stated.

Like previous 4 budgets, the current budget would not bring any progress in the province, he said.

He said democracy and democratic institutions would sustain in the country.

Raja Riaz stated they have adopted neutral stance over Arsalan Iftikhars case as instructed by President Asif Ali Zardari and they will not comment over the case.

Some people get abdominal pain and associate everything with Asif Ali Zardari, but Arsalan Iftikhars case would not bring any earth quake in Islamabad, he stated.

Answering a query regarding Memo Commission, he stated the Supreme Court has formed a bench to announce its judgment over the case.


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اچھا اسی لیے اسنے وہاں خیمہ لگایا ہوا ہے ، نیچے ہی نیچے سرنگ بنا کر مینار پاکستان کی اونچائی کم کر رہا ہے


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Did he really say this?????????????????????:13::13::13::13::13::13::13::13::13:

Barca Veer Jee ya aap kee shararat to Nahi?????:):):):)