Sayasat Hai Ya Saazish - 27th July 2015 - Kiya Election Commision Isteefa Dega??


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Haroon Saab is resigned to the fact we can't ask for justice from the justice dispensers ,but look for justice from within. And he thinks a private party should play policeman himself. His argument is flawed.


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Bay imani to in sharifon aor nooron kay tuchm main hi shamil hay inhonayka hi qool hay agar wakeel nahin kar saktay to kisi judge ko hire kar lo.
Ab to jadge hi kar li hay sabhi fasalay tumharay hi haq main hongay , aor kia chahtay ho.
Bees karore awam ki jan bhi laina chahtay ho .ya amb khana chahtay ho
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Judicial Commission

Please read carefully the most important part of findings of Commission in the following Paragraph 534:

534. However on account of the potential serious
consequences which its findings may have on the Governing of the
State and potential criminal consequences for individuals the
Commission did not deem it appropriate to adopt a standard of
proof lower than the balance of probabilities.

Is this not enough that commission acted beyond its jurisdiction and adopted their own standard's of proof and avoided to investigation under the power given to the commission through the ordinance of its formation.

It is clear violation of law and must be challenged as the members of the commission violate the decision of Supreme Court against "Law of necessitate"
Let's demand for the trail of these members of the commission for the volition of their oath and constitution.


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Khuda ki Bayawaz Lathi apna Insaf kab kary go.
I totally disagreed with HR analysis today. It is true PTI was ill prepared, but what was the duty of JC?