Saudi Arabia arrests 5 women for driving


Saudi arrests five women for driving

Updated at: 0630 PST, Thursday, June 30, 2011
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has arrested five women for getting behind the wheel in defiance of a ban on female drivers in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom, media outlets and activists said Wednesday.

"A girl who was driving, accompanied by her brother in Jeddah's southern neighbourhood of Al-Suleymania, was arrested," Saudi news website reported.

"The two were surrounded by four police patrols who asked for their identities then took them to a police station, where they were interrogated," said the website.

It added that "the police were tipped-off by residents who claimed to have seen an unveiled woman driving" in the Red Sea city.

Meanwhile, in posts on the social networking website Facebook, activists said members of Saudi Arabia's religious police arrested four women testing the driving ban at a members-only resort in northern Jeddah on Tuesday.

Last week, two Saudi women said they drove their cars in the Gulf kingdom.

Their actions came in response to a call on the Internet for women in Riyadh to get behind the wheel, after a show of defiance on June 17 in which 42 women took to the road.


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Saudi only want woman should stay at home and they them self drive to woman. But time has change . Like marriage female free to say yes/no and same here what is the problemin the ultra-conservative USA / UK Muslim kingdom.


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When Islamic scholars claim and say in islam we treat men and women equally so why women can not drive, how women are voilating islamic law? if any brother has some knowledge, please share with us.