Rangers Arrests Asif Zardari's Close Companion From Nawab Shah, Big Cache of Illegal Arms Recovered

mubarik Shah

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Qalandar..... come and have some fun.....



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Arrest Zardari and Shahbaz Sharif also....
All criminals...


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Nothing Going. to happened except some adjustments or required persons. Zardari willing to dump in Jail for While.
Uzair Baloch openly confessed about Zardari Faryal Core Commander Karachi DG Rangers? He is in VVVP facility


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it is. not Different from SC yesterday drama for threatening Malik Riaz and drummers started WH Kanra 2 Did great Job but in verdict he gave
1. Stop NAB inquiries
2. Allowed to collect revenues and dues
3. Continue Work Progression
Only Bharak Eik Eik Payee Nikalen Gai
And Drummers started their Job


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Ismail Dahiri was just a common landlord of the Nawabshah-Qazi Ahmed area before 2008. Asif Zardari brought Ismail Dahiri up to stand against Dr Bahadur Dahiri and his brother and cut the votes of the Dahiri clan that holds a decent vote bank in the district. Ismail Dahiri used to be the right hand of Asif Ali Zardari and he ran all the affairs of CM house during Qaim Ali Shah's 2008-13 era. After 2013, Dr Bahadur and his brother joined PPP which made Ismail Dahiri a useless monster that was no good for PPP or Mr Zardari. In 2015, Asif Zardari got Ismail Dahiri arrested under MPO for 90 days so calling him a close aide of Asif Ali Zardari is a false statement as he has probably been arrested upon Asif Zardari's orders to stop him from taking away PPP votes during the GE 2018 by force with all the Zulfiqar Mirza brand's weapons that you see in his house.