PTI rejects PML-N allegations against Imran


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PTI rejects PML-N allegations against Imran

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) on Monday strongly reacted to the PML-Ns allegation that Imran Khan was trying to destroy its vote-bank at someones behest and charged such allegations showed the party leaderships mental bankruptcy.

In a statement, the PTI vice-president, Akbar Sher Babar, said the results of recent public opinion surveys, carried out by internationally renowned research organisations such as PEW and YouGov of the Cambridge University, showed without doubt that Imran Khan was the most popular politician in Pakistan.

He said that the shifting public opinion had unnerved the PML-N leadership, forcing them to make preposterous allegations against the PTI leaders. Babar said that the PML-N had acted as the political crutches of the PPP government for over three years. And now in an attempt to hoodwink the people again as fresh elections drew nearer, the PML-N was trying to assume the mantle of real opposition, he added.

He said that by betraying the APDM boycott, supporting the PPP government under the guise of saving the system, and hijacking the judges restoration movement, the PML-Ns double-faced policies stood fully exposed.

Its shrinking vote bank has forced its leadership to once again try and deceive the public by publicly adopting the anti-government rhetoric, he said. Even now, despite the public utterances of its leadership, the PML-N was a part of the PPP-led Balochistan government, he pointed out.

Babar said that if the PML-N was serious about removing the present government, it should resign from the Parliament and pave the way for fresh elections under an independent election commission and new Nadra-based electoral rolls.


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Well Responded...These Photocopy Machine League leaders have lost their way and their mind as well...They helped PPP 3 years and now when they realized that they have been CTRL +ALT +Deleted ,they are trying dirty tactics.
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