PPP bigwigs are looting and plundering": Says PPP's Very Own Jahangir Badr


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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) central secretary general Jahangir Badr has spilled the beans and disclosed that those who have done nothing for the PPP have now become bigwigs and there are people in the government who are looting and plundering and are increasing their rates on a daily basis.
Talking to The News on the question of appointment of one of his family members in a government department, Badr said he has long services for the party and those who did nothing have got their daughters appointed as advisers and in foreign missions.
If at all I had to take benefit from the government I would have asked for some thing big Jahangir Badr said, adding: The daughters of other people have been appointed in Foreign Service abroad and at other places.
I was victimised earlier too and now my children have started doing jobs and are earning honestly and if these people dont like they can do anything they want, Badr said and added: If some government official wants to issue some statement against me he should go ahead.
Referring to his family members, Badr said: We are doing labour. We do hard work honestly. If doing labour honestly is forbidden for us then we are ready to leave our work and start looting and plundering like others.
All my children do jobs and earn honestly and people should be happy that there are at least some in politics whose family members earn honestly by doing hard work, he said and added: I run my office myself. I havent taken any advisory post.
We have done everything for the country and democracy. Today some bigwigs are enjoying the fruits democracy because people like me received lashes on the back during dictatorship. But wedont cash in on our sacrifices.
We adopt genuine ways in everything and if the media will not support us then there will be no one to save this country. Working hard is very difficult, Badr said.
Who sends his daughter for a job happily, Badr questioned and added: Those who have done nothing for the party got their daughters appointed as advisors.
I work honestly. The other way is also there that like others I could also take files from you or from other people and get their works done and take bribe. But this is wrong so I dont do it. I never visited the office of any minister during this government except one with whom I have personal relations, Badr said adding: I could also go for this looting by taking one bag in my hand.
I have spent two years in jail. The judge wrote in the judgment of my case that whatever I had done was done in good faith for the benefit of other people, he said.
We have done this for the country Badr said and questioned: But what others are doing. They are increasing their rates on a daily basis and are busy in looting and plundering.
Badr said: I have been regularly paying my taxes for the last 25 years and annually submit my assets details but we have people who have never paid taxes. You can compare my taxes with these billionaires to see who pays more taxes.
Badr disclosed that Musharraf contacted him and asked that PPP would not have given him as much money in 30 years as he would give him in only thirty days. He said that Mush gave him the option to either accept the money and position or face jail. He said he opted for the latter.
I consider taking plots from the government as wrongful and illegal, Badr said adding: A federal minister with me in the cabinet at that time took plots but I refused take a plot even at that time.

PPP bigwigs are looting and plundering": Says PPP's Very Own Jahangir Badr
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