PMLN attitude - repeat of post SC verdict victory signs


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After the initial SC verdict in Panama case, in which the formation of a JIT was announced, PMLN was widely seen celebrating it as a victory, and resorted to eating mithai and what not, with chest thumping speeches, only to later wipe the spit off their faces a few days later.

It seems to me that the same is happening in NA120 as well. It was widely believed that any victory by PMLN by less than 50k votes would be a slap in their collective faces...and a rejection by the people. Well, what the PMLN is touting as a victory, is actually a loss of more than 30k votes for PMLN, compared with a loss of around 3k votes for PTI. This seems to be the beginning, in response to Panamagate

The next few months will see Hudaibiya come out, as well as Panama discussed in greater detail, and no doubt, a lot more skeletons will come out.....and this massive drive in NA-120 will have a major effect in the 2018 elections. Who knows, PMLN by that point, may be divided into PMLN, PMLNN, PMLNNN, PMLSS,PMLMN. At that point, it will be interesting to point out this election
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PLMN is kidding itself as usual. Delirium at it's best with a pinch of insolence.
PS: Wait for their whining come 19th.
At present Lohaar Tabbar only goal was to enter PM house again, even with just a SINGLE vote victory,, and they managed to do it...


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Many pmln ticket hopefuls will soon rise against mariam and push shobaaz/nisaar group to form a new party. If mariam qatri gets leadership of pmln, she will destroy the party within 12 months.


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Yes but that will require abbasi to resign from PM seat and then get kulsoom reelected.

not gonna happen, yes they are on confrontation mode but they put kulsom nawaz for NA120 due to fear that they might loose the seat to Yasmeen Rashid if there is a non shareef candidate.

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