PMLN announces to start anti-government campaign after Eid, Shahbaz Sharif will lead


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This Rana mashud is the same guy who made money in the name of youth festival and in a video he was openly asking money for showbaz office ,I can't believe people are still around him .


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Perfect harmony between the 2 crooked parties. PPP will protest in Sindh...PMLN in Punjab. They know that individually, neither of them stand a they need to be together.

But their egos and hunger for exposure will drown them out. Besides, this is just a farce to cover up their crimes and divert attention from their financial crimes.


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باؤجی کی رخصتی، اور بلورانی کا ٹرین مارچ تو لو گ دیکھ چکے ۔ ۔ ۔
یہ نئی برات کتنی بڑی ہوگی، یہ بھی دیکھ لیں گے ۔۔۔



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Tehreek "Nawaz Sharif ki rehai" ke liye?

Himmat hai kehne ki ke awaam ko IMF ki zabardasti "assets declaration" aur jhoothi " amnesty scheme" se nijaat ke liye tehreek?

THAT item would sell for public mobilisation...

But you guys can't say that, because you were going to do the same with the Pakistani nation..

So.... This so-called "tehreek" for Nawaz is bound to fail from day 1...again you only have yourselves in consideration, nothing for the public...


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Look at WHO is standing in the middle , yeh wo hi nahi jiss ki rishwat letay video leak hoi thi ?
What a shameless subhumans