PML-N will talk to PML-Q,MQM,JUI-F and FATA MNA's to support their PM candidate


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This shows PMLN ONLY hungry for power.. nothing else.. they dont want any change.. that they just copied from Imran Khan

n look at the fattest pig of pakistan fazlu wanting to be PM.. sharam bhi nahia aati

n itne zada note print karne se tu pakistan aur bhi barbaad ho jayega.. dollar asmaan pe pohonch jayega.. inki foreingn accounts hein inko faida hoga.. awam tabah ho jayegi...

ab bhi awam pmln ki asliat na samjhi tu pakistan ko ghark samjho...

Zulfi Khan

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PML(N) will never succeed in the presence of corrupt parties: PML(Q),JUI(F),ANP and FATA
MNAs. all the PML(N),s efforts will fall to the ground.