"Piyo Noon Rook" - Aik Khatoon Ke Haathon Hamza Shahbaz ki Be Izzati - Must Watch


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ٹھندے ڈھیٹ ہیں کوئی فرق نہیں پڑتا انکو . جیو والے چیلے کو دیکھو کیسے اپنے بادشاہ کو ڈفینڈ کر رہا ہے


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Ab pml n supporters bolay gy k she was a paid protester. If people are not happy with your leadership then just leave if you have enough balls.


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IZZAT hoti tu sharem ati .He was keep asking from where r u. Now they MO...Fu....will send some one behind her to know from where she is or search her home then after a few days they will send their gullu butts and kill her house men or arrest or rape some one . They in front of media & people show they r well wisher of AWAM but from inside all people know them now .SO SAY ALL in one voice GO NAWAZ GO .


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hahahaha sahi sunayi is maalshi ko... ye shehbaz ka beta na hota tu maalshi hota chu**a...

and look at iftikhar ahmed.. kesi chamchageeri kar raha hay..as if he is the representative of this maalshi and asking women where is the problem

phir yahi 2 takey k bikao kut.t.ey tv pe aa k defend karte hein...


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Nooray jahan milain unki kutttay wali karr rahi hai awaam yani khanzeeeeron ki kuttttay wali ho rahi hai


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حمزہ شوباز کی منہ پر بے عزتی ، بہادر خاتون ن&#


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Chuk ke rukh bibi, It was impossible to think even a few years back that normal people would ever dare to stand up in front of these criminals out of fear. The IK and TUQ dharna movement in Pakistan has really woken up the public. People have slowly but surely started to break the idols of these false gods. Just like any bully when you stand up to them you realize they are actually cowards who have just been feeding off your fear.

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