Panama Leaks, Well Done Umer Cheema!!!


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Umer Cheema, now a days is the most celebrated, trusted investigative journalist, especially after his role in the panama leaks about Pakistan.

He is winner of multiple international awards and member of the most prestigious association of investigative journalism.

According to him children of Nawaz Sharif have offshore accounts, which we all accept, great job as usual by him!!!

The same Umer Cheema broke the following news, what about it, can we very conveniently dismiss it ???



For people who think that stuff just happens, no it doesn't!!!

"The findings are based on a year-long investigation of The News that obtained access to the otherwise best-kept secrets of the world, thanks to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and German newspaper Sddeutsche Zeitung. This correspondent is a member of the ICIJ that partnered with more than 100 media organisations from 76 countries to review 11.5 million secret files that a whistleblower leaked to Sddeutsche Zeitung. The project has been given the name of the Panama Papers. About the project, the ICIJ said there are also legal means to send money abroad, and we do not suggest that all that is revealed was done unlawfully or by illegal means."
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Question is what happened to that 21 Year old girl?

And Leaking of Patwari Leaks has nothing to do with Umer Cheema.

پٹواری لیک نے ہر صورت لیک ہونا تھا

Fortunately Panama leaks were sent to a to a German newspapers which then assigned Journalists across globe to go through it because of its huge size. Since 100s of journalist around the globe has access to it UMar Cheema has no choice but to write a report about it.

If the leaks were only known to GEO Jang and Patwari Journos then the result would be tha same as that of Imran Khan SPeech on PTV. Everything black out

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Panama Leaks is a global event and has nothing to do with Umar Cheema or PTI.
Iceland's PM didnt resign because of Umar Cheema.



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Umar cheema is a joke same like kharal, Arshad Shareef, Talat Hussain etc all fed by ISPR Bajwa

باجی آپ ان کو پسند نا کریں لیکن ان کو اتنی بڑی سزا نا دیں، حد ہوتی ہے کھرل اور ارشد شریف کے ساتھ صف بستہ کر دیا ہے آپ نے ان کو، کچھ تو خوف خدا کریں

Abdul Allah

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Amir aik baat kahoon??

Umer cheema is nothing in this panama leakes

it was LEAKED on Global Level

So i think Your thread is a misfire


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باجی آپ ان کو پسند نا کریں لیکن ان کو اتنی بڑی سزا نا دیں، حد ہوتی ہے کھرل اور ارشد شریف کے ساتھ صف بستہ کر دیا ہے آپ نے ان کو، کچھ تو خوف خدا کریں

عمر چیمے نے تو یہ بچے والی شرلی کئی سال پہلے چلائی تھی اب تو وہ بچہ جوان ہو کر پانامہ میں آف شور کا پاجامہ بھی پہننے لگ گیا ہوگا


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He is still not credible. This news would have made headlines with or without Umer cheema.

When you can't stop something from happening then take advantage from it. this is what Umer cheema did.

Besides, this tweet of Umer cheema didn't prove to be correct.