Pallet Bullet VS. Stones (An excellent article on Kashmir by Nick Maxwell)


Pallet Bullets vs Stones

Talk about biggest and worst conflicts between two countries, one can not forget to mention the Kashmir conflict between the two arch rivals and atomic powers India and Pakistan. A territory which has been divided into three different parts claimed by three different countries Pakistan, India and a small part by China.

Since Pakistan and India got independence from the British rule in 1947, the conflict did not wait very long to rise up after Indian army attacked Kashmir in early 1948 claiming it to be part of India which was announced as part of Pakistan at the time of partition as it conceded mostly Muslim population as according to the pact British mediated between India and Pakistan the Muslim dense populated areas will be included in Pakistan and vice versa.

There has been an uprising in Kashmir since then; thousands of people have been killed by Indian army. The UN has passed a resolution to hold a referendum in Kashmir letting people of Kashmir decide whether they want Kashmir to be merged with Pakistan or India but it still hasn’t happened and it’s been decades since the resolution has passed.

A recent uproar which is the focus of this piece of writing is the strongest one and it is causing India a real trouble as they are panicking and are killing innocents in a massive number which they have not done before which is, again for the very first time, gaining highlight in international media.

It all started a few weeks ago with the killing of Burhan Muzaffar Wani, who had become a freedom fighter after his innocent brother was killed and two of his sisters were raped by Indian occupied forces. He was a good looking educated youngster and became a sensation on social media in Kashmir after he posted different photos and videos of himself showcasing why he joined the freedom fighters against the occupied forces.

The protests are described to be the worst unrest in Kashmir, the last of this kind was in 2010 but Indian forces have killed a lot more innocents in the latest one. The pallet bullets have been used widely by them in recent protests, blinding the protesters. Even the direct bullets have been fired on innocent stone throwing protestors killing as many as 65 to this very moment I am writing this piece. The curfew has been imposed and it’s into its 41[SUP]st[/SUP] day today. Shutter down strikes have been carried on for last few weeks, schools and businesses are closed down, even the Indians have closed down the internet, TV and radio stations, newspapers offices have been shut down so no news can spread out.

Such atrocities are taking place by Indian forces in this heaven on earth as we call it. Blood has been shed, people are beaten up on streets, innocent women and even kids have been killed, protestors are blinded with pallet bullets and yet United Nation has not uttered a single word to condemn the killings nor has any other western country who loves to jump in any conflict around the world and act like they are solving it mentioned anything about the brutality by Indian forces.

Only because of their business interest in India. Like very famous social media network Facebook started cancelling posts in which people were condemning India for their brutality in Kashmir and were raising their voice against unjust Indian occupation of the territory. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was widely criticised on his hypocrisy over deleting Kashmir posts as he acts like a freedom of speech champion in any other case.

Despite India’s relentless efforts the word has come out and it still is spreading by different media outlets. The Amnesty International which is a renowned human rights organisation tried to expose Indian forces crimes but its offices have been shut down completely by the Indian Government. A case of treason against the Indian Government has been filed against Amnesty International. And it did not stop there; the Indian Government has also held United Nation delegation from visiting the Kashmir valley.

Plenty of renowned Indian media outlets and media houses have raised their voice against their own security forces brutalities and many famous Indian journalists have spoken against it as well. And it won’t stop. It will go bigger and fiercer unless India rethinks its policies of state terrorism in Kashmir. And one day we might witness peace and freedom of Kashmiris in this decades long conflicting region.

Amen to that!

This is for Burhan Wani.

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