Note to Moderators: We need English language moderators here


Senator (1k+ posts)
Time and time again I have noticed horrible slaughter of English language here in this forum, specially in thread titles. This is destroying the English language abilities of the readers including myself who dont use English on day to day bases.
Please get a Moderator with English language skills to correct atleast the titles of the threads. A humble request.!


PS: before somebody jumps up and criticize me with the point that English is not our first language, and it doesnt matter if we speak incorrectly. If you are posting something in English it wouldnt hurt to use the language correctly!


MPA (400+ posts)
I agree how they slaughter the language but i dont think we should have someone to fix it. If someone has a wrong heading or using bad grammar in his thread it kinda shows his academic background n reader can guess how educated or learned the person is who is trying to educate others on a certain topic.
If the moderator keeps fixing their language n grammar everyone will seem like a learned n aware person. This is the whole point of social media that ppl show their inner self (willingly or otherwise) , rather than their improved version.