News Night with Talat - 24th May 2011 - Tariq Fazal Ch. & Sardar Asif Ahmad Ali - National Sovereign


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Have you ever received a money note of any value through any means and you were not aware of it? but when you have attempted to buy something later on, then you discovered that the very note in your hand is actually a counterfiet or a fake one .
What will be your feeling then ? as your are unable to purchase any thing, no matter what is its value.not even a posion?
Sad way is that you find it hard to burn it or tear it into pieces because you still fell in the back of your mind that perhaps it is not a dud note?

Is it a time to pay the price for being fake for last sixty odd years?

USA do not want to distroy Pakistan,she only wants to get your leathal wapons on behalf of Israel that is all.
They have spent trillions of dollars, just to get ignorent,backward bunch of Arabs hideing in the mountains of Afghanistan or Pakistan? NO

It was a chess game which ends in the blood shed but ironic it may seem but it is a fact that one is master chess player and its opponent is a fake one but the spactators do not know yet the one player is fake one who has a prize in the his hand as King or Queen.
Has time arrived for a checkmate?

India on the other hand do not want to destroy Pakistan not she wants us kind of people to merge back into India either.
What she want is a smaller Pakistan .Baluchistan one country for sure USA and INDIA have wishfull desire.
Afghanistan two parts if not three. North and south like North Korea and South Korea? Obviously north of Pakistan Gilgit chitral Fata,North Waziristan and possibly south to merge in Afghanistan as India wants to cut Pakistan from China as Wali Khans party still very much active for separation and are in bed with India for this aim.
Rest is all fine will not do anymore just tell the truth to nation then
Leave it to All mighty ,see What Allah wants?????.Nothing works without his will.