New Modern Mini Buses Will Be Introduced In Peshawar Transport System


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KP Govt announces Public Information Officers (PIOs) in the departments/public bodies for the purpose of the Right To Information Ordinance 2013




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good step ... jaesay dosray mulko may hota hain jitney seat capacity hain utnay he passangers beta saktay hain


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So what will this be called? something similar to Jangla Bus Service? Imaandari shart hay

PTI is planing buses that will not cover only a fraction of peshawar.
They will run from the bus terminal to hayat abad end come you call it jungla bus service which coverers part of lahore and is subsidised heavily.Bro, when u post a reply please think for a while because i want you not to look some middle fail jahil noora patwari but a learned, unbiased critic of PTI


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And what about the 100s of the families whose living is linked to this transport business?

A typical approach to give total control in the hands of the few richest?

Could we make a consortium type arrangement in which the people currently linked with this business are part of the setup once the government makes investment and hands over this to the real stakeholders.....a PPP model....gets back its investment?
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