Never give away your pictures and videoes especially if You are a Girl


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Most of us already know the seriousness of a situation when our private pictures or videos land in fraudulent hands. Still, we make mistakes and are often embarked with this condition when suicide becomes the last option to save ourselves. Night packages (the root cause of above mentioned problem) have bought our nation on the verge of social destruction. Every other mobile phone subscriber has a list of friends (of opposite gender) with whom they spend nights, every night in fact. Soon it becomes a habit and then a mental dis-order, depression, irritation, increases annoyance and what not.
Lets forget the mental and physical health for time being and talk about even greater problem.
Lately, thanks to significant increase of Camera Phones, and almost zero MMS charges (with SMS/MMS Packages), the number of such incidents have increased where pictures and videos (at times with objectionable orientation) are shared with partners over internet and MMS.
Based on few incidents I recently came across, here are few recommendations:
Now Remember Following (as an advice / request from elder brother):

  • Never send your pictures to ANYONE, WHO EVER he/she is no matter what relation he/she has got with you, or whatever level of trust you guys have between each other. (This doesnt apply to your family members).
  • Never keep your private pictures in your phone save them in your PC/laptop and delete from mobile phones. Your phone can easily get stolen/lost.
  • Make sure that privacy settings of your Facebook arent revealing the information you would not like to reveal otherwise. (Go to Facebook > My account > Privacy Settings > customize setting)
  • Make sure you dont have casual acquaintances mixed up with your family members or close friends on Facebook. Make proper lists with different level of privacy settings for each list.
  • NEVER EVER shot objectionable pictures/videos because they will remain in your phone even after deleting them.
Never Trust Phone Friends: This is for those who make friends over phone and talk to them indefinitely. Never trust them. There are organized groups targeting both girls and boys to attain intimate information/pictures/videos to later blackmail them.
Deleted Pictures/Videos are Recoverable: If you think you have deleted a photo/video and you safe, then unfortunately its not the case. A deleted video/photo or any data is recoverable. So never shot videos / pictures at first place which you may not want to keep without self for ever.
Fear Voice Recorders too: So if you are good with not giving photos, videos, you are still prone to voice recorders. Please make sure that you are using your mobile phone without any risk and with utmost care.
What to Do if pictures/videos are exposed? God forbid, if your pictures/videos are somehow in someones hands who is blackmailing you (for money or at times with some other demands) then do following:

  • Tell everything to your parents, they are going to be your best buddies in this bad time.
  • Lodge FIR at your nearest police station
  • Though Police station, lodge a complain in fia
Disclaimer: I highly recommend you to talk to your parents, however, approaching Police and FIA should be considered based on your circumstances. (Considering our polices performance) I fear,that approaching police (if you dont have high-level contacts) may ruin your life.
We need to be extra careful, especially, when there is no cyber law in our country.
At the end, I would say: Bad deeds meet bad consequences, so be sincere to your self, your parents and to your life.


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Re: never give away you pictures/videoes especially if You are a Girl

Very Nice... I agree... FACEBOOK or other Social Networking site are also doing the same.
We should not share our pics or videos online specially....


Re: never give away you pictures/videoes especially if You are a Girl

kabi nhn send karni/karna chahiye...............agree


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Re: never give away you pictures/videoes especially if You are a Girl

very nice advise .kuton ki kami nai hai dunya mein ! Allaha hum sab ki Behan Betion ki izzat bacha k rakhien . amin