Nawaz shreef giving statements on US dictation


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These are the news of same news paper, same page...


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Gaaanjay Kaabhi to aqaal ko haath mar k dhaang ki baat kar lya kar... sari zindagi khootay ka khoota hi rahay ga...


Mr g4anj4 should be the last person to dictate since he ran to Bill Clinton for his intervention to get a ceasefire in the Kargil conflict and then he signed away to leave the country for 10 years during the Mushy peroid so these ganj4 brothers useless ,corrupt and malign force in Pakistan.That is not to say that PPP have done a good job ,no they havn'y it's just thay PMLN are worst.Must give the new kid on the block a go.IK needs and deserves a chance to lead.
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