"Nawaz Sharif Khata Hai To Lagata Bhi Hai " Kehne Wala PMLN Supporter Baba Ji Ke Hatthe Charh Gia


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I told everyone that Khan was right what he said about people like you in his recent address to a rally. I wanted to still apologize to donkeys though as I still feel the dumbest donkey will still have more brain cells than the combined patwari population. Panama Papers were an international expose … all Imran did was ensure that this issue does not die down like many others but Allah had decided to bring these criminals finally to justice and thus everything fell into place. Do you know your leader is ridiculed across the globe and not just in Pakistan … Even having billions of dollars of assets … this kiyon nikala dumba$$ could not get respect from majority of Pakistanis and others. I know the pain you are experiencing is more due to the fact that you know that your salary is being cut off soon as the chor is finally convicted. You really deserve Sharifs … dumb and dumber.

may ALLAH swt drown the PTI leader and his followers into jahanum. these people have accused NS since 2013
with no proof, and only singing songs of corruption, corruption, loot, loot, choor choor and all non sense.
according to our religion one can not accuse anyone until and unless he has a proof. but this dirty minded
leader kaptaan and his followers are shouting day and night three hundred arab ruppees.