Nawaz Shareef- Violation of red Zone.


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کڑوا کڑوا تھو تھو، میٹھا میٹھا ہپ ہپ

Nawaz Sharif Address out side parliament in Islamabad on Oct 2 12 2011


[h=1]Nawaz Sharif blams Musharraf, PPP for all evils[/h]


Muslim League-N President, Nawaz Sharif addresses protesters during protest demonstration against 12 October 1999 incident, at Parliament House in Islamabad

Addressing the sit-in outside the parliament in Islambad Wednesday protesting power load shedding Nawaz Sharif accused PPP government of ruining the current government. He asked Sindhs rulers to care about Sindh.
The PML-N was observing a Black Day against toppling of a democratically elected government of Nawaz Sharif by General (R) Pervez Musharraf. On Oct 12, 1999, Musharraf overthrew the Nawaz Sharif government in a military coup and imposed emergency in the country.

Referring to 12th October the PML (N) President said that the institutions were destroyed eleven years ago today.

Nawaz Sharif said that the PPP government had supported a dictator, General Pervez Musharraf, and gave him a Guard of Honor instead of trying him for treason in the court. He said survival of the common man had become difficult under present circumstances, but his party was committed to changing the destiny of the people of Pakistan.

Altaf Lutfi

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lekin Nawaz Shareef tu badshah hai, us ki marzi anda dey ya bacha ! IK-TUQ awaam hain, un ko kia haq pahunchta hai keh NS ki jannat k aas paas ghoomtay phirain ? insaaf tu baqi hi nai raha. IK-TUQ se guzarish hai keh pehlay ja kar kisi General k paaon main bethain, phir 30 saal khoob dil laga kar corruption karain, jab achhi tarah tajrubah kaar ho jaen tu election khareed kar hakoomat par qabiz ho jaen...aisay hi munh utha kar chalay aaey ho yaar ! kuchh Khuda ka khauf karo.