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After watching Duniya News off the cuff remarks during the breaks and Meher accepting it is a planted interview by Duniya. This media has gone a step further from running advertisement campaigns and columnists writing columns. Now they are doing planted and paid interviews. After all, those favors have not gone unnoticed. On top Mubashir saying Mir took the house from MR. MR didn't deny it. Earlier the rumors were Kamran Khan took the villa. But it is Hamid Mir now there should be no doubt. I have written many times on this forum against him and twitted him.

Even Kashif cannot claim innocence, Meher has blown him wide open when she disclosed their combined meeting with MR. I am sure in earlier programs Kashif denied he was invited by MR. Only yesterday he admitted it in his program. But doesn't want to disclosed what was discussed off the record with MR.

That's why I written in my earlier twits that the media purposefully spread malicious rumors against IK without providing any evidence. In fear of change in circumstances if IK comes in to power. They surely have their own stakes to keep the status quo going.

Shame on Pakistani media. The first twit is at the bottom, please read from down upwards, thanks.

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