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My new article is available on website.

This article is written to express feelings of many on this forum.
My intentions are that the wider audiences read our sentiments, and the events are formed according to the wishes of Pakistani people.
Our politicians and Journalists stop using and abusing Pakistani nation, its sentiments for its own benefits. Their shameless behavior has to stop.

Unfortunately, my articles wouldn't be publish by the mainstream media in Pakistan. They are too blunt and in your face for them. They are too occupied in other business, namely how to fool Pakistani nation.

Please read and comment. Your comments are most valuable to me and for the cause. I am not looking for money or fame, but that our voices are raised and heard.

Thank you all.

I have to apologise for some word mix ups in the articles. I email my articles to the website in word format. They paste it on their pages. Some words are mixed up in the process in articles on the website, which is not my fault.

The news is circulating that Geo TV have re-captured Aamir Liaquat from their rivals ARY.
This story is a vivid example of what is fundamentally wrong with Pakistani journalism; with Pakistani public’s perceptions and the reality.

When the compiled video was leaked on the alternative media, showing his shenanigans during the commercial breaks in different programs, he leveled the accusations that rivals of ARY are behind the release of the compilation. Clear hints were given by him of the involvement of Geo TV or its employees in the compilation of the video. After this latest merry go round, his comments are turned on his head.

The issues here are far deeper than just the personality of Aamir Liaquat. The practices of Pakistani media are fully exposed from his movements back and forth from ARY to Geo TV.
It is a given that this man is a cozener, who has repeatedly lied about his qualifications to Pakistani nation. But whatever are the claims of this man, the massive media houses of Pakistan should know better. For them to promote him and re-hire him shows Pakistani media is completely devoid of any axioms or following the standard practices adopted by reputable media organisations around the world.

These bad jog trots by Pakistani media are not limited to Aamir Liaquat, another spurious PhD holder Mr Babar Awan is treated exactly the same manner by Pakistani media. Only last week, in program Target Point, hosted on Dawn News, the presenter Asma Chaudry introduced Babar Awan to Pakistani nation as Senator Dr Babar Awan. She ignored the fact that this man conveniently removed his fake PhD qualifications from the information he submitted to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, after he was ordered to produce his academic qualifications by the premier court in the country. It would be unfair to single out Asma Chaudry, this practice is wide spread in Pakistani media, and presenters before her have used the same appellative for the sly boots doctor.

Alas, Pakistani media is so injudicious and unprofessional that they regularly make a mockery of the good proclivities and takes Pakistani public as their puppets, dancing on the tunes played by the Pied Pipers.

ARY is also impenitent of using the title of Doctor with the name Aamir Liaquat in their programs credits. After feeling revulsion on their practice, I decide to ring their UK office to register my expostulation and to demand that the title of Doctor used with his name be withdrawn from the programs credits by ARY.

ARY Office Manager argued that they are not doing anything unethical or misleading by using the title Doctor with the name of Aamir Liaquat. His main argument was that Aamir Liaquat has answered the allegations about his qualifications and he maintains his qualifications are honest. Yeah, right!!!

I tried to make my point clearer by insisting that ARY, as a responsible employer, should not take their employees’words, but they are duty bound to check the authenticity of the qualifications claimed by their employees. This duty of ARY is accentuated from the fact that the reality of Aamir Liaquat’s degrees including his dissertation was quite a hot topic in the Pakistani media and on the internet. ARY cannot claim innocence or ignorance.

After not getting any satisfactory answers from office bearer of ARY in the UK and feeling indignant, I decided to lodge a formal complaint with Ofcom, which is responsible for the conduct of all the media outlets in the UK, including the foreign media broadcasting to the UK on Sky network. My point was simple, ARY are misleading their audiences by claiming this fraudster holds a PhD in Islamic studies and hence he is an Islamic scholar. When in fact the reality is, this man has bought his degrees including his PhD from a diploma mill. The enquiry is on-going, no feedbacks yet.

It is clear that the main motive for Geo is to capture the audience during the Holy month of Ramadan. Apparently, this fraudster’s acting sells well. Unfortunately, there is no better term to describe what this man does.

The media houses are pre-occupied with their own interests, to have bigger share of the audiences, enabling them to generate more advertising income. But in this rat race of ratings and audience share, the well-known principles of honesty, ethics of good journalism are put on the back burners.

In the end, Pakistani audiences are poorly treated, deliberately one may strongly argue, by the media houses, who are selling damaged goods to them, knowing well the reality of con artists.

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Re: My new article on "the puppeteers"

Here is the video by Geo, on Liaquat joining back.



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well written, but you should really change your nickname - "crank the skunk" WTF is that????[hilar]


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مجھے کبھی کبھار لگتا ھے کے اس وقت پاکستان میں سب سے بڑی دلالی میڈیا میں چل رھی ھے


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well written, but you should really change your nickname - "crank the skunk" WTF is that????[hilar]

Brov, it is crankthatskunk. The nick was too long to be accepted on this forum so I shortened it.
It was created for another purpose, to crank a known skunk. Never mind it is another story.
But make no mistake, it is not saying Crank the skunk, it means crank that skunk. So Skunk is someone else in this nick.
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