Most Emotional TV Ad Made By Coca Cola on Eid


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Beautiful advert and a good message to follow. But i have reservations on respect for gullu police and corrupt traffic wardens. They do not deserve any respect at all.


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اسی جذبے کو لیکر تو، نواز شریف سعودیہ، زرداری دوبئی، عمران آئی پی ڈیز، اور راحیل وزیرستان گۓ


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Extremely caring feelings adorable. I have seen people passing remarks what is in it, just performing their duties they are bound to do it they are getting salary. I personally feel people doing such emergency duties especially on eid and on night should be heavily rewarded but all resources are only for bureaucracy and politicians and for real soldiers there is nothing

Ali raza babar

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i have seen myself a Policeman outside Eid-gah crying with tears when unknown person hugged him and said thanks for looking after the Eid-gah and Namaziz........ :(

I always do that and My God is the appreciation HUGE from these men , We have stereo Typed them for so long , yes they are bad , but why ?

We need to get rid of this politician Scum thing , The country will be a heaven after that.