Misuse Of Government Property - Police bus being used for Barat of a Policeman's brother


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Re: Wrong Use Of Government Property

Aslam u Alaikum!!! I am not saying that he did well but always think positively and find the reasons why he did so. May be he could not afford with low income so he got help from Govt. All system is corrupt if you want to correct the system then begin from upper class. Expose all the corrupt politicians. Justice always begin from judge. If judge is corrupted so he can do justice. So for refining system throw out all the corrupts from the system.


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I am sure this policeman would also complain about Zardari's corruption.
Usually people like that say, " hum nay kon sa juram kia hai, loag bahut ziyada corruption ker rahay hain, koi un ko pakrray"
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