Misar, Seelab, LoC Aur PM Ka Khetab


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My analysis of Nawaz Sharif speech.

Same old speech that every prime minster of Pakistan has made in the last few leadership changes.

Nothing new, same repetition of history.

A leader needs to inspire its citizens, which was missing in this speech.

A leader needs to acknowledge the difficulties of the present and provide a clear path out of these difficulties. He failed to provide this.

Confidence in a leader inspires a nation, reading a speech prepared by someone else, never raising your head to look at the people of Pakistan,

getting stuck on a speech and repeating sentences shows a week leader.

In a time of war, with enemies at the gates floods and misery in every state. This is the worst speech a Leader can make.

In a critical time for Pakistan a speech like this will not be remembered in history or read by children in their school books in the future.

this speech will be forgotten before the day is over.

Prime minister sahib "Anay walee nasal chorain, Yeh nasal bhee app ko maff nahee keray gee"

at 15.34 the fly on your face shows the respect you deserve for a miserable speech like this.

"Khazana khali tha, aur aub nai dunya azad ker sakthay hain" - please stop lying to us.

A Job not done.


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He is not a leader period. Just look at him? Do you see any intelligence? On his round face? He is a fraud puppet of usa,israhell, saudi
old farts.

Revolution only way.ik.
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