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my question to all of you ...

why MR gave millions to everybody ,including JUDGES,GENERALS,JURNOS,etc ... what he got in return???

whats the point to reveal all this now??

why he is revealing all this after all he is a DON in PROPERTY BUSINESS ... it will destroy his credibility in his field ..??

who is master mind if MR is not the main PERSON???..


my take is before watching MR proofs .... he is doing all this to rigg elections .. he will malign all anchors and media then in elections no body will listen to these anchors when they will cry for rigging ... NO CJ credibility NO MEDIA credibility and NO MEDIA ANCHORS ...might be he got promise from AZ that he will be next PM .. or PRESident ...of pakistan ...

still waiting for proofs in any newspaper ... as dr shahid masood told me on twitter that today (sunday) its coming and rauf kalasra said in moeed prog that it wud be in parts ... about arsalan in first phase and about media anchors in second phase ...

if thats the story then i think MR is bit worried about media .. bcz he dont know the power of media anchors esp OLD and EXPERIENCED ... in few days they malign BAHRIA TOWN AND MR too much so he cant afford to fight on 2 channels at the same time,after arsalan's revelations MEDIA will focus on HIMM and MR shud be in SAKOON DOT COM

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Faheem Niaz

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There would be a master mind legging on either political regime or in journalism Or Generals . Well Im still confused on that who is innocent and who is devil. If we think for MR as how he has been Don Of Properties from his career of being small Contractor to Huge builder of BT.
Question rise here, businessman never wanted such fuss in media. But in his case, he has his NEWspaper agency to work out.
He has gifted properties to many High level people . why ???? We dont know. What he gets in return, still question mark.


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My thinking,

He and his son are not comming back to Pakistan until this judge is retired.


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Liberal agenda ...Sethi group like Javaid Chaudry trying to dilute situation .

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